Our purpose built, solar powered facility designed by our good friend Sam Berkow, a renowned studio designer, fuses function, comfort, creativity, and accuracy. It features a spacious 322 square foot control room boasting 2 restored vintage consoles (Trident 80 and API 1604), a 563 square foot live room with 14-foot ceilings, numerous isolation booths, the largest of which houses our rebuilt Steinway D concert grand piano and a comprehensive gear list including a collection of some of the finest vintage tube, condenser, ribbon, and dynamic microphones—all in an environment where musicians, engineers and producers can relax, settle in, and do their best work.

Our focus is always on serving the project, the artist, and the song. The studio can be used in full analog, digital, or a hybrid of both, and is available for use with one of our house engineers, or with a freelance engineer and/or producer of your choice. On-site accommodations in a newly renovated guest home are available for artists and bands working on multi-day projects.