Soren Song with Producer Danny Blume

Soren Song, Musician

Soren recently visited the studio to spend time on our Steinway D tracking piano and vocals with Producer Danny Danny Blume. Look for a release date soon.​

Soren Song (they/them) is a singer/songwriter from New York. Over the past few decades they have gained a reputation as a performer who taps into the human experience and takes their listeners through the highs and lows of it all with startling honesty. There is no difference between the performer and the performance. When you listen to Soren you get all of them – in whatever way it happens to come out. 

Soren has worked with Grammy and Juno winning producer Danny Blume on their last two releases, “Beloved (Home)” and “Boundaries (Hell)”, and is currently working on a third album called “Believe (Heal)”. 

Here’s a “Be Still My Mind” from Soren’s last full length release: