Producer Marlan Barry with Acclaimed Pianist Marisa Gupta

We were thrilled that classical pianist Marisa Gupta recently swung by the studio on her way back to Paris to record on our Steinway D Concert Grand. The session was produced by renowned classical producer Marlan Barry.

Here’s a couple samples from the session:

Variations on a Theme of Chopin by Federico Mompou: Variation 11
Variations on a Theme of Chopin by Federico Mompou: Variation 12

Marlan noted that he used a pair of piano mics Neumann M49 tubes with K49 capsules, as well Coles 4038 Ribbon mic at foot. The room mics were Schoeps 221b Omni’s. The mic pres were GML and Neve.

A bit more about Marissa: 

Pianist Marisa Gupta has a versatile musical life, comprised of solo and chamber music performances, ranging from rare repertoire of the past to a deep commitment towards music of today, performed with heartfelt conviction and a deep intellectual engagement. Born in the USA of Thai and Indian parentage, pianist Marisa Gupta made her debut performing Prokofiev’s 1st Piano Concerto with the Houston Symphony. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including top prizes at the Concours Maria Canals (Barcelona), the Viotti Competition (Vercelli, Italy), Corpus Christi and Kingsville International Music Competitions, a Solti Foundation Award, a Fulbright scholarship for study in the UK, and many others. She was an Edison Visiting Fellow at the British Library (for the study of early chamber music recordings and performance styles) and was named a finalist by the BBC for its New Generations Thinkers Scheme, an initiative inviting leading British thinkers to broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

Here’s a clip of Marisa performing Haydn, Mompou, and Chopin:

More about Marlan: 

Marlan Barry specializes in orchestral, chamber, operatic, electro-acoustic and jazz recordings. In addition to recording and producing acclaimed musicians, chamber groups and orchestras in New York, Marlan served as the head recording engineer and musical producer for Houston Grand Opera for 15 years, producing its commercial releases and national radio broadcasts.